By: Mário de Castro

 The Tiffany & Co. pop-up store on 34 avenue Montaigne was just launched and will last until May 2023.

 “The love affair between Tiffany & Co. and Paris has been ongoing for nearly 200 years, from the earliest moments in the House’s history. The new Paris pop-up store is a modern embodiment of this important relationship,” says Anthony Ledru, Chief Executive Officer, Tiffany & Co. “It represents an innovative approach to Parisian shopping and a forward-thinking vision of experiential retail.”

Just step in a unique Tiffany & Co. world with modern jewelry displays and contemporary accent walls inspired by Louis Comfort Tiffany’s famous leaded-glass lampshades. Admire this inspiring space that feels at once elegant and inviting in each of the store’s three rooms. The House’s signature designs from coveted jewelry collections Tiffany T1, Tiffany City HardWear, Tiffany Knot and Tiffany Victoria®, as well as designs by Elsa Peretti® and High Jewelry masterpieces by Jean Schlumberger, displays throughout the space.

You will appreciate a rotating selection of remarkable jewels and objects from Tiffany’s historic collection curated by OMA and AMO design partner Alba Cappallieri; the first celebrating the Tiffany and Paris love story. Among the masterpieces are remarkable creations by George Paulding Farnham—the House’s Chief Jewelry Designer from 1885 to 1908—including an impressively realistic enamel orchid brooch and a perfume bottle in gold and rock crystal set with precious gemstones that Tiffany & Co. presented during the 1889 and 1900 Exposition’s Universelles of Paris.

 Also on display is a delicate bracelet with gold threads that are enhanced with diamonds and pearls, evoking a ribbon of airy lace. The bracelet caught the attention of Annie Olivia Tiffany, daughter of founder Charles Lewis Tiffany, who acquired it when she visited the jeweler’s Parisian boutique located at 36 bis avenue de L’Opera in 1866.

A centerpiece of this pop-up exhibition experience is the original catalogue from the auction of the French Crown Jewels a testament to the longstanding relationship between Tiffany & Co. and Paris. 

The Tiffany & Co. pop-up store was designed by renowned architectural firm OMA/AMO.