Always astonishing, Gwenael Nicolas of Curiosity has designed the store’s interior and façade of the new Rolex flagship store that occupies four floors of the iconic new Rolex Tower in Ginza’s Chuo-Dori Avenue in Tokyo.

Tokyo is a visionary city and Gwenael Nicolas as a French resident for many years knows how to catch the spirit of this city between the past and the future.

Step into this incredible new dimension of a 360°digital frame that will allow you to discover the greatest dimension of the Rolex world.

The iconic appearance of the building reflects the brand’s identity through its exterior. The façade showcases the iconic Rolex bezel pattern in a dynamic yet delicate metalwork, crafted on different gradations from bottom to top to emphasize the dynamic effect. The glass façade shimmers with a unique double bezel pattern thanks to the metal mesh made in Kyoto, embedded in the glass. In a kinetic effect, the pattern changes depending on the viewer’s angle.

From the outside you can admire the interior retail space through a large screen stone gate that looks like a bridge from the vibrancy of the street to the tranquility of the store. 

The inside aesthetics were created by the subtle palette of materials, travertine, Sen wood and frosted glasses.

Just stare at the large double-layered glass element that floats above the circular displays, creating a space within a space, and by the circular counter, which makes effective use of mirror reflections behind wooden louvers. The lift, connecting four floors is just magic!

Floors are storytelling’s here! The second floor with a series of salons and a large bar; the third floor is exclusively reserved for esteemed guests with a particular attention to the library walls extremely well curated by Curiosity.

The basement showcases a visible laboratory of highly skilled technicians that grant the signature of Rolex.

Not to miss: a ‘Movement’ gallery that introduces customers to the magical world of ROLEX. 

Curiosity, along with the best artisans and artists, shows, once again, it’s incredible creativity and an accurate know how for designing the best places in the world.


By: Mário de Castro


Photos: Satoshi Shigeta