‘’Growing up, my parents couldn’t afford to buy art, but they absolutely loved it. We would always find something in the gift shop, so our home was always filled with posters and objects. That experience has been central to the development of my gallery. Art is for everyone.’’ Emmanuel Perrotin

Since its inauguration, Perrotin has been internationally renowned for the quality of its limited editions of art and design related objects, promoting artists that include Daniel Arsham, Sophie Calle, Takashi Murakami and JR, who incorporate special editions into their fine art. 

True to Emmanuel Perrotin’s art-for-all pledge, the first Perrotin bookshop opened in Paris in 2011, soon followed by New York, Seoul, Tokyo and Shanghai, with regular pop-ups in Hong Kong. 

A specialized department was created within the gallery to keep pace with the growing success of these Perrotin boutiques over a twenty-year period. The offer was expanded to include beautifully produced monographs, art books, posters, prints, catalogues and art objects, designed in close collaboration with the artists or their estates.

Now, Perrotin has extended its range with a limited edition of scented candles inspired by sixteen of its contemporary artists’ works.

The fourteen artists Perrotin’s portfolio featured in this collection are Daniel Arsham, Lee Bae, Cristina BanBan, Hernan Bas, Izumi Kato, Chen Ke, Klara Kristalova, Barry McGee, Emily Mae Smith, Takashi Murakami, Gahee Park, Josh Sperling, Claire Tabouret, Aya Takano. 

A close-up detail of the artwork is reproduced in ink on the candle’s frosted glass, with the artist’s name featured on the side. The fragrance is delicately researched to evoke the featured artwork. 

To take one example, Daniel Arsham’s Rose Quartz Eroded Exaltation à la Fleur has a topnote of cool and subtle rose with a smokey, mineral heart. 

These make the perfect thank you gift for an art lover. Be advised – they’re selling out fast in Perrotin galleries worldwide. 

By: Jean Grogan

Perrotin scented candles collection.  Edition of 16 designs.  Made in France.

Courtesy Perrotin

Photo: Tanguy Beurdeley