By: Mário de Castro


The road trip begins in Rome heading south to Naples. Perched on the top of a hill in a lush park, overlooking the medieval town of Fiuggi, and designed in Liberty Style / Art Nouveau, the hotel was built in 1913 at 700 m above sea level, and became the most elegant and modern hotel of Europe in the 40ies. In Fiuggi, everything comes from the water. The “miraculous” mineral springs already known back in the Middle Ages for their power of ‘breaking the kidney stones’ cured some of the ailments of Pope Boniface VIII and Michelangelo and attracted the international high society and European aristocracy after WWII.The Palazzo is in an ideal location, completely isolated. Among famous guests Pablo Picasso played baccarat in the frescoed halls, Roberto Rossellini and Ingrid Bergman spent their summers there along with Anthony Quinn, Vittorio de Sicca…

Completely refurbished, this art-nouveau property combines awe-inspiring grandeur with parquet floors, Carrara marble and Murano-glass chandeliers, with an iron-fisted approach to wellness. Custom made seven-day programmes are available from detoxification, weight loss, longevity, and immunity, with exhaustive diagnostics. Hi-tech solutions range from cryotherapy to personalized infusions, binaural sleep therapies, and one-to-one training in the former ballroom (climb aboard the Icaros which helps improve core muscles via virtual reality) … Indulge in the Roman Springs for hammam rituals, while Quartz Vibra sound healing and warm-oil Abhyanga massages induce deep relaxation. The food is delicious yet with menus matching the therapies designed by stellar Michelin star chef Heinz Beck. Simply stick with the local Fiuggi spring water, known for its therapeutic properties, along with the delicious infusions.




 A holistic approach aims at providing a full support including physical, emotional, social and spiritual wellbeing and it is fully implemented at Palazzo Fiuggi. Each guest has a different experience and a path to recovery that is influenced by its age, gender, culture, heritage, language, faith, sexual and gender identity, relationship status, life experience and beliefs.

Once at PALAZZO FIUGGI you will just feel like coming back again and again…


Images @SoonStudio