By : Mário de Castro

As an international photographer based in Athens, Greece, Yiorgos Kordakis works around the world  at the cutting edge of architecture, beauty and poetry. It emerges from his work a strong emotional human feeling.  

From an artistic point of view, his photographic work can be lived like a cinematic experience on a big screen. His images are so charismatic

that the human eye is drawn to them and can only contemplate them. 

 MYKONOS by Yiorgos Kordakis is like a road movie. The book has three different covers and the experience of opening it is like watching a movie.

 What is essential to you as a photographer? 

 I am mostly interested in creating stories. My stories usually come to me during the night, in my dreams. My intention is to produce a visual narrative that consists of a number of images – ideally images that each are beautiful enough to make it on their own – but even more meaningful when bound by a story.

Mykonos – your latest book – takes us on a trip to the island of multiple sensations. How did you build this project? 

 Mykonos has been a holiday destination for me since my late teens. The experience back then was completely different from the one today: the island has gone through some major transitions. It is this fact though that has made it so special. The island has now two faces or more, two identities. The first one is of course its Cycladic traditional and Mediterranean aspect. And the second one is the jet set, party, luxurious and beach lifestyle that has been evolving since the 70s to something widely international. My aim with this book, was not only to capture those two different identities but to mainly prove there is a seamless coexistence of both. What I love about Mykonos is that you may skip from one to the other multiple times a day, just like browsing through the pages of my book.

Greece’s light is indeed unique. It’s magical and you certainly have an eye to catch it. Weren’t you ever tempted by black and white pictures for this particular book? 

I thought about it but I decided to only go with color. I felt that color would better translate my vision. It is hard to express summer vibes in black and white. 

What are your next immediate projects? 

As far as Photography is concerned, I am working on a couple of personal art projects. I am also designing a new hospitality concept. 

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