By : Mário de Castro

photos: @Mark Seelen

SL 44, is a 44,5 meters superyacht entirely made of aluminium, built by the Italian shipyard San Lorenzo, with interiors designed by LIAIGRE.
Guillaume Rolland directs Liaigre’s yachting design studio. Keen sailor and a sea addict, he qualifies boats as “the last spaces of freedom” and considers that being able to admire the sea and gaze at the horizon is a total luxury today. In the cabin of SL44, there are no sharp angles, just curves and round lines that give a feeling of immediate softness.

SL44 was designed based on an unique architectural concept adapted to a yacht this size. It was a challenge for Guillaume Laurent who wanted this living space to feel like a floating apartment where each room gives on to a different viewpoint.


There is a word in French that characterizes the principles of design and custom-made manufacturing that make a perfect sense: Liaigre is all about L’Exigence.

SL44 architectural design is both structured and open. The owner’s cabin is 147m2, spread out on three levels, including indoor and outdoor spaces. The fluidity of the spaces is strengthened by a game of transparency. The walls of partitions are never put right up against the structure of the boat, they are perforated and become part of the space like floating panels, giving a feeling of well-being that emanates from the whole layout.

SL44 is all about an intentional limited number of materials. The team’s choice was based on wood, stone (green and white onyx) and leather. The palette of shades starts with dark and light wood species, warming up to dark hues (Prussian blue leather in the cockpit, garnet-colored leather in the dining room, celadon green facing an onyx green bar in the smoking room), without forgetting a palette of whites and ecrus particularly outdoors.

SL44 merges with great talent, the Asian aesthetics and the French style: subtle details such as the door frames which have a slightly narrower base, in reference to Asian architecture. In the large living room, two crystal terrariums hold miniature trees – a nod to the Bonsai tradition. The wood species combine varnished eucalyptus and light elm that recall the tradition of 18th century woodwork. The splendor of the layout is revealed through a multitude of details that are not immediately apparent, but which make the difference and characterize LIAIGRE’S approach and specific luxury design.

There are light ambiances for the day rooms, darker ones for the spaces dedicated to night life and parties, a solarium, swimming pool and beach club that kisses the water. Everything about this superyacht is about relaxation and the art of living.

SL44…Immediate Boarding

photos: @Mark Seelen