This year celebrates the 25th anniversary Leonardo Ferragamo ownership of Nautor Swan. Did you ever thought that you would make it since the beginning? 

When I joined Nautor Swan in 1998, my dream was to make an international brand out of it. The yard, located in Pietarsaari was building beautiful boats, a point of reference in the sailing yacht world. I wanted more, so I worked very hard to create something unique. Nautor Swan today is a brand 360° round, a complete universe for those passionate about going at sea unfurling their sails. We, then, established ClubSwan a virtual yacht club where all our owners can gather to share their love for the sport of sailing, for the sea and nature; the Nautor Swan Brokerage and Charter divisions for those starting moving the first steps in the marine world; the ClubSwan Racing our sports division and Nautor Swan Global Service, our owners’ guardian angels able to intervene for any request, 24/7 everywhere in the world.

But again, I felt something was missing and in 2021 we launched the motor yacht division, first with Swan Shadow, and next September we will present her sister, Swan OverShadow. 

We aren’t stopping here as we have always something brewing with us.

After 25 years leading Nautor Swan I feel like the dream I had is accomplished, but who knows me can tell you that I’m always after something more, innovative, breathtaking…so stay tuned.

What is the main focus of ClubSwan & the Regattas? 

ClubSwan was founded with the aim to gather all the Swan owners together under one roof, and develop the passion and the enjoyment that Swans bring to their owners, close friends and all those supporting the on-going Swan legend by promoting the spirit of Swan.

Within this vision ClubSwan, the club of more than 2.350 Swan Owners around the world, spreads the passion and enjoyment that Swan yachts bring to all those who support the ongoing Swan legend.

As passionate sailors, the members share the same deep love for nature and the sea which continuously inspire us at Nautor with the most unforgettable emotions and limitless beauty.  

The Club is also a way to highlight Nautor’s commitment to save and protect the oceans with the challenge of building a more sustainable world and educate the audience to a more respectful behavior towards the planet. ClubSwan appreciates and treasures the passion and the respect for nature and sport, and values beauty, elegance, freedom and challenge.

ClubSwan Racing, our sports activities division has an exclusive calendar of races and events, such as the amazing Rolex Swan Cup, The Nations Trophy, The Swan One Design Worlds, where the attendance is very high and the Spirit of Swan is always very palpable and the enthusiasm excellent.

You were born in a family with great values and from a father, Salvatore Ferragamo who was a great creator.

Is the yachting business a great luxury and you are launching brand new models and technologies, this year?  

Creativity and focus on innovative solutions are running in my blood since I was born, they’re part of my DNA. During these 25 years we managed to renew the range of the blue-cruisers and create a sort of new brand for the pure racers, the range of ClubSwan Yachts. If you think about the ClubSwan 50, ClubSwan 36, ClubSwan 80 and ClubSwan 125 they all have a plus factor, something that is supposed to change the pages of the sailing world. CS50 was a completely innovative design, launched on the 50th anniversary of Nautor Swan, the 36 was one of the first with C-foil, ClubSwan 80 is a pure racer with a sport cruiser soul and ClubSwan 125 is a masterpiece, a monster using the most advanced and never applied before technologies. 

I can really indulge during the creativity process and I’m lucky to work with people with the same passion, ready to cross any limit.

That’s why, I don’t like to talk about luxury in this contest, I’d rather talk about passion. Passionate owners who constantly help us to raise the bar and create beautiful and unique objects. 

This year the Nation’s Trophy in Sardinia, Porto Cervo confirmed the importance of the yachting business with a major creativity new designs and performances and where you helped to grant Italy the trophy. Tell us more about this event.

The Nations Trophy has been launched for the first time in 2017. It is a bi-annual event, hold on odd-years, with the fundamental commitment to revitalize the concept of competition between nations. It is an event which celebrates the history and spirit of international sailing, and reflects the camaraderie and competiveness central to the success of the sport. It is open to all Swan One Design classes and I’m very happy that for the fourth edition of this event, I have tremendously at heart, I contributed with my team and together with ClubSwan 50 Vitamina, to gain the trophy for my nation!

After 3 edition at Real Club Nautico de Palma, we decided to organize it with the Yacht Club Costa Smeralda, offering a very professional organization as well and stunning racecourses. It was amazing, sport and glamour, the best mix!

By: Mário de Castro