Why wear only jewelry, bijoux, and fashion accessories when you can wear all of them together along with cashmere knitwear, swimwear made from biodegradable polyamide, colorful handbags, and other outfits…

The HOMI Fashion & Jewels Exhibition, has hosted more than 600 brands during its last edition @Fiera Milano from February 17th to the 20th.

There is a call for change with a design not only for the moment but for the ages. Classic pieces that combine different coloured precious metals are being seized upon with renewed fervour. Meanwhile, from the runways of different designers to the most revered global jewellery ateliers, there is a new generation of designs making a feature of multiple metal shades within a single piece.

People are now looking for having fun while wearing accessories of any type.

This February session of Homi Fashion & Jewels showcased a full range of innovative proposals anticipating the trends to come. Always inspired by research, innovation, craftsmanship and, of course, sustainability.

At Fusioni Abbigliamento, knitwear, admire the cashmere yarns and the eco fabrics made from orange, bamboo, milk and rose fibers. Kiniby Moda Mare, swimwear is made from biodegradable polyamide…

Discover the maxi bracelets by Natama Design and Nikolas Frangos or the new maxi necklaces tailor-made by Amlè or the Katerina Vassou Jewellery an incredible collection of shapes and materials contrasting with the modern and geometric patterns by Christina Brampti. Earrings by Ayala Bar, Lebole Maison and Daria Pacelli and curious handbags by Alex Max. 

There was a lot to stop by. Many of the collection’s exhibitors were all about self-expression. It is a matter of providing clients with the freedom to feel unique. 

All the range of mix-and-match pieces, from textures to colors, increasingly fashionable, innovative and environment sustainability, are an ‘ode to spontaneity’ that confirmed the strong international vocation of Homi Fashion & Jewels.

We passed by The Incubator-Tuttepazzeperbijoux, an area curated by Maria Elena Capelli that showcased 15 brands that deal with unique and handmade pieces characterized by originality and high quality to attract concept stores and jeweler’s shops.

How to wear fashion & jewels accessories? There was a lot of events going on during this February session, are you ready for the September 2023 next season? 


By: Mário de Castro