HOFA Gallery (House of Fine Art) is launching with award-winning Chinese sculptor Zheng Lu’s ‘Liquid Narratives’ a solo exhibition on 16 March in London, which happens to be the artist’s first solo show in the UK. 

 HOFA co-founder and curator Simonida Pavicevic says, « We have watched Asia’s contemporary art scene keenly over the past few years and through our network of collectors, are lucky to have signed artists who so beautifully exemplify the rich and innovative art produced in the region. We are proud to do what we do best which is to provide a platform for talented contemporary artists to reach a more global audience and achieve international success. »

 Zheng Lu

The Chinese sculptor Zheng Lu whose stainless-steel sculptures capture the ethereal beauty of water in motion has finally come to HOFA Gallery. His abstract sculptures which visually express the contrasting qualities of water create a transcendent art experience and have already found a great success on the global art scene.

 Zheng Lu Liquid Narratives solo exhibition 16-29 March 2023 at HOFA Gallery, London


 South Korean sculptural painter Ihwa Kim, who has been with HOFA since 2012, is also one of the Gallery’s headline artists of the year. The artist’s distinctive seed universes, made of hand-painted and rolled Hanji paper, situate nature, perception and emotion in dynamics that change and evolve along with the viewer’s perspective.

 Ilhwa Kim solo exhibition 5-18 October 2023 at Hofa Gallery, London

Ryosuke Misawa

 Japanese abstract painter Ryosuke Misawa will also make his Hofa début at Mykonos in summer 2023. His unique style of portraiture which combines influences of digital and analog media result in artworks which literally and conceptually reach beyond the bounds of their flat canvases, intriguing viewers with a sense of familiarity and alienation that serve the artist’s goal of illuminating gaps in perception.

 Ryosuke Misawa solo exhibition 6-18 July 2023 at Hofa Gallery, Mykonos


 The February launch of Zhuang Hong Yi’s first solo exhibition of 2023 will mark the artist’s 13th successful year with HOFA Gallery and the début of new and never-before-seen artworks.

The renowned Chinese sculptural painter is masterful in deploying the flower motif as a transcendent cultural symbol on one hand, and an infinite conceptual canvas fusing Esat and West on the other. His captivating flowerbed artworks keep on being a visual dialogue between humanity and nature.

 Zhuang Hong Hi Yi Sequence solo exhibition 23 February-8 March 2023 at HOFA Gallery, London


 The Turkish expressionist artist will officially launch HOFA’s 2023 summer season in Mykonos with his solo exhibition. With his experimental style combining surrealism, retro-futurism, and fantasy, along with overt references to the aesthetics of architecture, scientific drawings, cartography and pop culture. Eser’s artworks are remarkable and distinct, inspiring instinctual and intellectual responses from his audience.

 Eser Gündüz solo exhibition 15-28 June 2023 at HOFA Gallery, Mykonos


 By: Mário de Castro