By : Mário de Castro



French-born designer Gwenaël Nicolas has become in the last 20 years a Master of Interior Design with his iconic Japanese company, Curiosity. His collaboration with fashion and luxury brands has been flying from Louis Vuitton, Fendi, Todd’s, Versace…until the most recent opening of Graff new flagship store in Tokyo, Ginza.

Graff entrusted Gwenaël Nicolas, Curiosity to create this magic new store concept providing individual-tailored shopping experiences.

The space enlightens the street of Ginza through the all-glass facade that reveals a shimmering veil. The curved shape metallic curtain surrounds the facade like a rhythm and highlights the different jewelry collections presented in elegant floating showcases.

The bridal’s ground floor is open and bright, its high ceiling is inspiring…Rooms are composed like paintings with different layers, light, transparent surfaces, framed displays to perfectly focus on the creations.

Admire the center bridal stage in a cone shape like the claws of a diamond ring, holding the elegant display of glowing lights, highlighting the collections.

Salons and private alcoves, rhythms the path of the boutique, a choreography of discoveries between the enchantment of the jewelry and the inspiring surroundings.

The local craftsmanship and the Graff search for excellence are just remarkable: unique textures, silver shades washi paper by avant-garde artisans from Wajue, fabrics by Hooso in Kyoto. The center focus on the ground floor is a unique creation by artist Junko Mori: touches of white leaves like 3 dimensional brushes of strokes, bring movement and mystery to the room.

Step into the majestic sculptural stair, a  » tour de force » of wood and light. A twisted spiral, free-standing in the middle of the void that leads to the upper floor.

On the second floor admire the Graff high-jewelry collections: the signature green of Graff is re-interpreted in a combination of reflective-green stone, and soft green-silk covering. The different salons and display counters in pristine white, rhythm the room. Enjoy the infinity movie star effect of the mirror wall, highlighted by a sculpture by Junko Mori.

The salon highlight is a large paravent, in green and gold leaves by Hakuichi, the master artisan from Kanazawa.

The generous salon in shades of whites and muted colors creates a harmonious setting; refinement and delicacy are emphasized by a  » Bas Relief » from French artist Jane Puylagarde.

Graff Ginza x Curiosity, what will become a legend most?