Interview de Jamal & Jey fondateurs de GINGERSNAP Bali   By : SOON Magazine

Réalisation OdLD & Camille Vidacek @soonstudio




Jamal  and Jay created Gingersnap Bali because they liked its pronunciation and because it’s easy to spell. For Jay: “Gingersnap means ginger. Ginger is a kind of medicine, when you drink or eat ginger you feel warm and everything. So, for me, Gingersnap was meaningful because we give a feeling of warmth to the people who are wearing our clothes.” And for Jam: “Before we started Gingersnap in Bali I was in Paris, and I had several shops. I came to Bali for the manufacturing possibilities, and I ended up meeting with Jay. We settled an Indonesian company and that’s how we created our own brand.”

Gingersnap Bali is a men’s and women’s fashion brand that does not follow the traditional fashion seasons. They create “summer vibes’ collections all year round. Their style goes from streetwear to gipsy chic but always inspired by the aesthetics of a minimalist style. All their production is made in Bali.

As a former dancer and teacher of Balinese sacred dance, Jay used to do the make up for the dancers and mix colors for the costumes. Born and bred in Denpasar, Bali, Jay comes from an artist’s family. 

Jam he’s Algerian-French whose family comes from the gypsy community. He was raised among musicians and artist’s and once he established in Bali, his passion for fabrics kept him here. 

Coming soon a collection of shoes, bags, leather bags and jewelry…

On of their dreams is to bring up a Balinese fashion show, mixing the best of their creations with the fireworks and the know-how of Bali. Just follow Gingersnap Bali… 

By: Mário de Castro

Model @Camille Vidacek @enjoymodelsagency