Dior J’adore! A Gold and Flowers Exhibition

Dior J’adore is as striking as the floral bouquet of its composition. From Carmen Kass, immersed in her bath of molten gold like a post-modern Cleopatra, to the divine Charlize Theron shedding her clothes and jewels, keeping only the fragrance that caresses her skin, the J’adore campaigns have entered the realm of cultural reference. The emblematic dresses worn in them pay tribute to these timeless allegories of sensuality.

Admire the iconic advertising films directed by Jean-Baptiste Mondino, the magic continues with an interpretation by artist Katerina Jebb in the shape of an X-ray of J’adore, followed by Fred Eerdekens’ expressions stitched in flowing golden thread and lastly, Yuriko Takagi’s photographic works of an ever-evolving perfume and its vibrant flowers.

J’adore goes digital with the vision of artist Refik Anadol between phantasmagoria and part hallucination. The culminating point of the Dior J’adore adventure is a dream of gold and flowers. A digital installation providing the illusion of a golden sea of serenity that draws in the eye. It represents the luxuriance of J’adore, the perfume of every emotion.

In case you did not know…Monsieur Dior was inspired by the ancient amphora for its bottle as he used exactly the same shape for the precious envelope of his very first perfume, Miss Dior. At this exhibition, you can meet the house artisans that will show you the close links between the couturier’s first, figure-8 shaped dresses and the numerous studies for the bottle, from Baccarat to Murano, that lead to this perfect curve.

Discover the iconic necklace of the bottle inspired by multiple rows of Monsieur Dior mother’s Belle Époque pearls, and the baudruchage technique that became a signature golden thread.

There is a lot to observe at this exhibition, and don’t leave without overseeing the three exceptional bottles created by Victoire de Castellane, India Mahdavi, and Jean-Michel Othoniel.

Astonishing, the pillar room decorated in gold, exhibits the Dior J’adore fragrance like a secret revealed in a mysterious temple.

Enjoy this immersive experience.

By: Mário de Castro

Until the 8th of October 2023

École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts, Paris