Apple Watch Hermès at the Starting Gate


The Apple-Hermès collaboration began in 2015, the perfect match between Apple’s exquisite design and advanced technology, with Hermès superlative raw materials, and exceptional savoir-faire.

This spring, Apple Watch Hermès Series 8 extends Hermès’ heritage equestrian signature with a vibrant palette of colors inspired by the geometric colour-blocked jockey jerseys. 

The new Casaque watchstraps harness the vibrant energy of horse racing; the Single Tours come in a four-colour nylon weave, while the Double Tour combines six contrasting colours in Swift calfskin leather with hand stitching, both series beautifully toned to complement a tanned wrist. Two brand new colors Azalée pink and Bambou green join the race to elevate the classic Attelage wristbands.

The watch faces are available in Stainless Steel or Space Black with the watchstrap of choice.

Hermès full-grain leather is the finest in the world, sourced and tanned in Hermès’ own tanneries in France and Italy. The precise manipulation of stitching, hammering, sanding, dying, polishing, smoothing, sealing and assembly can only be handcrafted by master artisans. The hand stitching is crossthreaded at the wristband’s point of strain for durability and reinforcement. The leather is treated with a hypoallergenic finish on the back, to minimize any allergic reaction with the skin.

The new collections of Apple Watch Hermès Series 8 collections will be available from March 2023 on and in selected stores in Australia, Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, the UK, and the US.